Friday, July 5, 2013

Ma Yun on Life Insurance

Ma Yun (Jack Ma) is a famous entrepreneur in China. He is one of the founding members of Alibaba Group.

When asked about his opinion on Life Insurance, he said the following:

There are many people who failed in life and they mainly failed in their views towards new things:

1. They can't see it
2. They look down on it
3. They don't understand it
4. They missed it

He said...

"Insurance is a form of backup. When your life is smooth sailing, you will need to prepare for the unexpected so you can have more options when your life is at a downfall.

When you are wealthy, your money isn't worth that much;
When you are broke, you lose your value.

If you want to be stay valuable, you must portion out part of your earnings, while you are able to earn, to plan for the unexpected and uncertain future.

The money you placed inside the bank and in Insurance both belongs to you, but the difference is:

Your bank account is filled now but emptied later.
Insurance Planning protects your future! 

It transforms you to a more valuable person in the future, this is what Life Insurance can do for you!

The earlier you plan, the earlier you feel secured.

Be one that is happy and has no worries today!"


  1. Thanks for sharing! Insurance is always seen as a luxury because many don't know the importance of it until they are in need of it.

  2. 很可悲 为什么医药费那么贵 难道真的是趁你病拿你命

    1. 医疗,毕竟是一门生意。


  3. Really, we need to educate people more on insurance.