Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Will They Say? What Will You Say?

When Hospital, Bank and Insurance Company said these, what will you do?

Hospital : Financial Difficulty
1. Your illness is very serious!
2. But it is curable!
3. However, it will cost a lot!

Bank : Makes This Works
1. We pity you!
2. But we have rules to follow!
3. If you delay your mortgage repayment, we have to take away your house!

Insurance : Safeguard Your Money
1. We allow you to claim for your illness!
2. Once confirm diagnosis, we will pay RM500,000 lump sum cash
3. Your future premium will be contributed by company

What will you do?

Many people around us...
When they fall sick, they want to buy Medical Insurance.
When they are old, wants to buy Life Insurance.
When they met with accident, wants to buy Personal Accident Coverage

... but too bad, too late already!


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