Saturday, December 8, 2012

Who Actually Need Insurance?

Majority of the society think that they belong to a group of people that does not need insurance.

The rich will always think that only the average or poor need insurance as they are not afford to pay for medical bills and etc.

The average / poor always has the perception that only the rich need insurance as they can afford to buy it.

Actually, doesn't matter if we are rich or average or poor, we all need insurance because insurance plays its respective role to the rich and the average or poor.

The Rich

If you are rich, I am pretty sure that you have a lot of property and money. You may also have a very high income and be able to afford many things for yourself and your family.

But, did you realize? If you were diagnosed with critical illness last night, your family will need to sell your property(ies), and use up all your savings just to pay your medical bills?

Not only your property will be sold in a cheaper price due to urgency, the time taken for the deal to be sealed can be frustrating! Thus, it may not be enough for your medical bills and will cause your family to go poor and end up borrowing money from others.

With insurance, you do not need to use up your savings or sell your property to pay for your medical bills. Living expenses for you and your family during the time when you are not able to work can also be provided by insurance.

In another words, your family will not suffer, lose their property and income.

All you need to do is to "transfer" small part of your income to insurance so you can protect the rest of them.

The Average / The Poor

For the average / the poor, not only your income is just enough for your daily expenses, you might have other commitments too.

And did you realize? If your income is just enough to cover your daily expenses, what will happen if you are diagnosed with critical illness yesterday and you lose the ability to earn money anymore? What will happen to your family and your children (if you are married with kids)?

Well, you can send your children to orphanage but the fact is, many orphanages in Malaysia also need funding from the generous!

Won't you feel guilty to let your children, that you loved so much, live in a tough environment and perhaps being marginalized by others due to lack of money?

Very obvious, with insurance, you are able to "create" your life saving fund and perhaps some inheritance immediately, although your income is not high.

It doesn't matter if you are diagnosed with critical illness, paralyzed or passed away,  your responsibility to take care of your family can be accomplished.

Try to adjust your budgeting a little bit so you can at least get minimal insurance coverage to protect yourself.

Even though the coverage is small, the benefit from insurance will mean a lot to your family because it proves that your love stays on even though you are not around. Your love for your family will always be in their heart.


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